Automate your manual and paper-based Pre-Authorized Debit form processes!

Create smart PAD contracts electronically and reduce your workload by 80% while protecting your customers' bank account from fraud!

What is ePAD Verified?

  • Is a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) contract and agreement to authorize payees to debit payers bank account.
  • Protects payers' bank account from unauthorized debits and prevents fraud.
  • Automates the PAD agreement processes.
  • Eliminates paper-based PAD contract, manual and error-prone tasks.
  • Enables payees fast payments.
  • Significantly improves customer relationships.

No more wasting time with paper-based PAD agreement creation:

  • Manages customer PAD authorization as proof for future disputes and regulatory audits.
  • Allows accounts receivable teams to allocate more time to higher-value work.

How ePAD Verified tracks and follow the money?

Challenges of manual and
paper-based PAD contract and agreement:

  • Does not protect payers bank account from fraud and unauthorized debits.
  • Current traditional methods are inefficient.
  • Manual tasks, delays in invoicing and posting payments, time-intensive collection efforts.
  • Added complexity of ongoing compliance mandates and security requirements.
  • In-house "build" approaches take too long to develop, offer too little functionality and are simply not a sustainable program for in-house IT to maintain and constantly update.

Our Solution: ePAD Verified

Our team's exclusive focus is on the electronic creation, automation and dynamic management of PAD in our cloud-based platform.

  • Financial organizations worldwide can use ePAD Verified as an essential banking service to get paid faster, save time, money, and collect smarter.
  • We provide electronic and fully automated PAD services to financial institutions, utility, billing, and payment processing companies.
  • Make it easy to set up and complete PAD contracts and agreements on your own time, online, all electronically.

Our Solution is Clear

Get Paid Faster

  • Collect days sooner
  • Improve cash flow
  • Improve working capital
  • We digitized the PAD agreement
  • Avoid NSF (non-sufficient funds)

Increase Efficiency by

  • Cutting manual work
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Bank account verification
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • Online alerts to keep track of your account

Innovative Technology

  • API Based Interface
  • PAD Tokenization
  • Smart ePAD Contract
  • Frictionless Onboarding
  • Blockchain enabled application

Why Choose ePAD Verified?

Rich Functionality

  • Provides a rich set of capabilities across the process.
  • Intelligent SMS, two factor authentication.
  • Report dashboard and more.

Speed to Market

  • To develop in-house would take years to re-create the same functionality.
  • Up and running in weeks not months

High-Quality Data Protection

  • An essential service, created to fight against fraud.
  • Has robust data protection processes in place.

Reliable and Scalable

  • Runs on an industrial strength cloud environment.
  • Extremely cost-effective as the cost is shared with ePAD Verified's customers.

KYC Compliance at Every Point

  • Enhances compliance at every point.
  • We continuously maintain, update, and validate KYC information so you can be confident that you know who you're doing business with.
  • Brings together a variety of trusted resources that leverage the depth and breadth of our expertise to offer you a holistic KYC solution that effectively addresses the myriad challenges associated with KYC.

Helps You Heal the Pains

  • PAD is never optional - Banks and end clients alike need PAD. It is a must-have requirement for collecting debit payment from your customers' bank account, and the cost of getting it wrong is irreversible.
  • Time, cost and effort - Determining who you can and should do business with have significant implications for both banks and end-clients in terms of cost, time, and resources.
  • Data security - The security of end-clients' money and strictly confidential information cannot be guaranteed with paper-based PAD.
  • Information is often disseminated via fax, post or email and can be easily lost or intercepted.

Our solution caters specifically for the needs of:

Institutional clients

Corporate clients

Billing clients

Payment processing clients

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ePAD Verified is the leading provider of cloud-based electronic PAD Agreement and Contract creation solutions, enabling the Office of Finance to provide a superior customer experience, get paid faster, streamline financial operations, and dramatically reduce costs while preventing fraud.

ePAD Verified is the pioneer in PAD automation, and provides its customers with the technology to fully digitize PADs and support services that modernize and eliminate the paper-based PAD contract mandated by Payments Canada’s Pre-Authorized Debits H1 Rule and other countrie’s debit payment rules.

For more information about Payments Canada’s PAD H1 Rule, please visit:

Payments Canada’s PAD H1 Rule

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